Bike Bestie is a unique small workshop located in inner Brisbane. My name is Emma Best and this is my project to share my bicycle passions with my local cycling community. Through my various cycling industry working experience Bike Bestie has evolved and founds its cycling legs in providing custom services to the specific needs of each individual customer.

Specialising in custom builds, bike servicing and educational workshops, I cater for whatever you and your bike needs may be. The idea is to create, inspire and encourage more people to get out the bicycles and express themselves through these beautiful fun filled machines.

I love being able to recycle and work with local manufacturer products and will always try to incorporate that to the customers needs.

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Gears not changing properly? Wheels out of true, or rubbing on your brakes? Brakes howling or not stopping you at all? My fully equipped workshop is set up for everything from a basic tune up to a complete overhaul. A clean, properly adjusted bicycle is a marvel of efficiency, and is of course much safer to ride. Click more or less to see the standard price list, or fill in the contact form to discuss your special requirements.


Standard Services

*Bike Clean - $20

*Brake & Gears Tune Up - $45

  • Adjust gears and brakes
  • Safety check
  • Check parts & cables for wear & damage
  • Check & inflate tyres
  • Relube bike
  • Wipe down frame & wheels

*Basic Service - $90

  • Includes Brake & Gears Tune Up
  • Adjust hubs, headset & bottom bracket
  • True wheels

*General Service - $140

  • Includes Basic Service
  • Degrease & relube drive train

*Full Service - $250

  • Full wash of the bike and all components are removed.
  • Strip/degrease Crankset & Bottom Bracket, reinstall.
  • Drive train degreased, tune and full cable/housing replacement.
  • Brakes remove, degrease & reinstall.
  • Headset adjustment
  • Wheels true and tension, hubs adjusted.
  • Safety check

Custom Builds

This is the fun part, where I work with you, and together we get to be expressive and creative as we come up with your bicycle masterpiece. It's a combination of my knowledge of what's available, and what are the best solutions for each bicycling problem, and your hope and plans of creating a bicycle that will give you years of happiness and mobility.


It doesn't have to be a new bike either. Your old tourer or mountain bike or racer which has spent 10 years in the shed can be totally revamped and revitalised!

I started building bikes for friends and partners and family members. With feedback and developing my skills and contacts, I've built some bicycles that both the owners and I are pretty proud of.

Check our my gallery page for pictures of my fantastic customers and their bike builds.


I also work with local organisations which are encouraging more women to cycle and become confident with their bicycle and it's maintenance. This is some of the most rewarding work I do, and I love hearing the feedback from participants who discover a new world of  independence and freedom through riding their bikes. If your organisation is looking for help empower women especially, get in touch!


CycleAway Small

Cycle Away - offers cycle education for everyone from school kids through to 60 year-olds who have never ridden a bike before. This wonderful group are accredited cycle skills trainers and are about creating confidence for all levels of cyclists. I have been working with Cycleaway for three years, running maintenance sessions and assisting in leading cycle skills rides.


MTB Skills - Dirt Girls Series is a 4 week mountain bike skills course is a women’s only series where the focus is on developing fundamental mountain biking techniques in a social fun environment. If you are just getting into mountain biking and want to get started with good habits, you have a partner nagging you to come ride with them or just want to try something new, then this course is for you! 

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